About the author

About the author

Jay Allan Storey has traveled the world. Whether riding a bus across the deserts of Afghanistan, white-knuckling in a jeep as it traverses glaciers in the Himalayas of northern Pakistan, scuba-diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, snorkeling with sea-lions in the Galapagos Islands, or bouncing along dusty roads on photo-safaris in Africa, India, and Sri Lanka, he’s been a lot of places, and had enough experiences for several lifetimes.

He’s also worked at an amazing variety of jobs: flying in by helicopter to perform road surveys in the Canadian high arctic, developing electronic measuring equipment for roughnecks in the Calgary oil-patch, producing educational software for public TV, and designing software for web start-ups during the tech-boom. Along the way, he’s been everything from cab driver to delivery dispatcher, and even accordion salesman.

Jay has finally found his true calling, as an author and musician. To date, he has written four novels, THE ARXELDORADO, THE BLACK HEART OF THE STATION, and VITA AETERNA, and a number of short stories. Several new novels are in the works.

His stories tend to skirt close to the edge of believability (but hopefully never cross over). He’s attracted to characters who are able to break out of their stereotypes and transform themselves.

He loves both reading and writing, both listening to and playing music, and working with animals. He’s crazy for any activity relating to the water, including swimming, surfing, wind-surfing, sailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Jay is married and lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Jay writes for the joy of creation, but like many writers, aspires to build a solid following.